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NSIDE Project

Historic Library


Michigan City

Removal of Slate tile on second story historic building. This section includes the installation of 50 year architectural CertainTeed landmark Pros

Installation of double layered, staggered 1.5'' ISO throughout pitched roof.

ASTM D1970 standard Class A rated Winterguard Is installed all along all eaves, valleys, sidewalls, low sloped roofs (ie - porches), and around obstructions protruding through the roof (ie - chimneys, vent pipes) to protect your roof decking from any water penetration due to ice dams, excessive snow melting, and deteriorating or lost shingles.

Synthetic polymer based reinforced underlayment designed to with stand 90lbs of pressure. Put down as a water resistant layer underneath the shingles to protect your roof deck.

What we did
Niles, Michigan

Historical Restoration : Chapin Mansion

South Bend, IN

Calvary Baptist Church

Granger, Indiana

Residential Roof Replacement