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Chippewa Bowl

Chippewa Bowl

South Bend Indiana

Full tear off on. multi layered roof including the not properly installed rolled roofing throughout the roof.

The roof that was applied last year was completely done wrong and  will not last more than a year or less on 80% of it. As many problem areas are found throughout the roof including exposed nails, areas that where never finished, and wrong installation. The product used was not the right method for this roof and does not have any added R-Value.We estimate this project will take approximately 2 weeks and will need Professional installer to take units off the roof to allow for proper installation of flat room system. We provide a 10 year warranty on workmanship.

Installation will be done by Professional contractors with experience in commercial roof installation. The estimate will include Professional installation of ISO boards that will be staggered to eliminate gaps and allow for better protection and a longer life to the roof.

EPDM will be installed throughout all of the flat roof with proper installation of all finishing. This will include all labor, materials and disposal.

Disposal and Clean up

The roof will be completely torn down to bare wood to replace all of the damaged wood, take off all of the multiple layers of rubber and added asphalt.

Multiple dumpsters will be needed to cover all of the waste and fast cleanup will be needed to allow for traffic flow.

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